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When you're ready to overcome an addiction, you don't have to do it by yourself.
Affordable & Restorative Health offers opioid addiction and alcohol dependency treatment in Nashville, TN.
We'll take the time to help you through every step of your recovery.

Our appointments take a half-hour to an hour.
An initial interview will find out more about your history and background so we can determine the right course of treatment.
Get treatment for opioid dependence in Nashville, TN by contacting Affordable & Restorative Health today.

For opioid addiction, we often use Suboxone treatment. You can communicate with your doctor by phone or text during normal business hours, as well as some weekends and evenings. Visit us for primary care, adult family medicine and non-opioid pain treatment.

Affordable & Restorative Health is certified by the federal government. We received the Julia Hoffer Community Award from the Social Action for Aging in 1990. Call 615-429-6420 today to learn more about our medical clinic in Nashville, TN.

3 reasons to visit Affordable & Restorative Health

If you or your loved one is battling an opioid addition, visit our medical clinic in Nashville, TN. Here are three reasons why you should rely on us to help with your treatment for opioid dependence:


We understand that everyone is different, so we'll provide you with personalized, attentive care.


We've been offering treatment for more than 15 years and have the experience needed to help you recover from your dependence.


We'll take time to care, listen and help you fight your addiction.

Get the dedicated and compassionate care you need to make a full recovery. Visit Affordable & Restorative Health today for opioid addiction treatment in Nashville, TN.

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